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Chiropractic helps ease pain, enabling you to live the active, pain-free lives. Chiropractors are spine, muscle and nervous system experts who specialize in assessing, diagnosing, treating and developing care plans to keep you moving.

Chiropractors treat the bones, muscles, soft tissues, and joints that you use every day. The spine, muscle, and nervous system supports your weight, keeps your body stable, protects your organs, and keeps you moving. It also connects directly to other vital systems in your body.


Chiropractors use various treatments, depending on their patient’s specific needs and preferences. Common treatments include:

  • Manual, ‘hands-on’ therapy

  • Soft tissue therapy

  • Electronic modalities, such as therapeutic ultrasound and cold laser therapy

  • Customized, therapeutic exercise programs

  • Self-management tools and techniques 

  • Advice and education

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